U.S. Paralympics Swimmer Visits St Andrews

The U.S. swimmer Victoria Arlen visited St Andrews this week. The star of the U.S.swim team who won 4 medals at the recent London games visited the town to see where her grandparents were married over 40 years ago. The 17 year old swimmer has been on a miraculous journey since being paralysed at the age of 11 and spending 2 years in a vegetative state to go on to win one gold and three silver medals in the pool at the recent Paralympics. The swimmer, whose grandparents emigrated from St Andrews in 1966 said, “Although this was my first time in St Andrews, I have always had a real love for this place. When I first found out the Paralympics were in London, one of the first things that crossed my mind was fitting in the chance to come to Scotland and see St Andrews. And now I am here, it’s just beautiful. I have seen the coast and it feels so beautiful then you go into town and see all this original architecture, its amazing.”