Medieval Remains Found in St Andrews

Medieval remains have been found in St Andrews while road workers were conducting routine resurfacing works. The bones are thought to date from the 15th Century and be those of Franciscan monks from the Greyfriars Friary. The monastery was set up by Bishop Kennedy in 1458. Bishop Kennedy was the Bishop of Dunkeld & St Andrews from 1440-1465. He was a great reformer who had attended the Council of Florence. The Kate Kennedy Club of St Andrews, an all male club was named in honour of his niece. Katharine Kennedy was the first woman to be admitted to the University of St Andrews. It is not known when exactly the society came into existence but it can be linked back as far as the 1500’s when the University held a Katharine Kennedy procession in May every year. The present day Kate Kennedy Society’s aim are to improve town and gown relationship and charity work. The group  has previously been exclusively open to male students. Official relationships with the University of St Andrews were cut in 2009 when Dr Louise Richardson, the new Principal of the University said that she disagreed with a society “from which so many of our students are excluded at birth”. On Monday, 19th March however the society voted and from next year, all first year students regardless of gender will be able to apply for membership.